What to consider when choosing a heating system for our home?

The selection of the proper device for heating our home is of a vital importance. Home owners should carefully think this matter over, because the systems for heating a house are quite expensive, and it is very difficult and costly to change them in case they are not satisfied with their operation.

Future home owners often wonder whether it is better to invest in an expensive installation with long waiting period for the return on investment or is it better to save on the heating system and pay more for heating?

The decision, which heating system to choose, should be made before the commencement of the construction of the house, because as a rule of thumb, the heating installation design is included in the design of the house.

When choosing the device which will heat our house, we have to take a few factors into consideration. Among the basic parameters there are thermal input, energy intake, the demand for heat energy, as well as the amount of money we want or can devote to heating system.

Are heat pumps an appropriate solution?

One of the options we can use is the heat pump. However, this solution arouses a lot of emotions, mainly due to the costs that have to be incurred on this heating system and a long period of waiting for the return on investment.

The cost of installing a heat pump depends among others on the size of the house and the demand for heat energy. The price ranges from 40 to 70 fifty thousand zloty. However, we have to remember that the price for the electricity will be a lot lower than in the case of common heaters and the users pay about 300-400 zloty lower bills. When it comes to the return on investment, the consumers will usually have to wait about 10 years for it. The better insulated house, the longer this period is, due to the fact that such a house has a lower demand for heat.

Are heat pumps eco-friendly?

Currently, many home owners are very concerned about ecology, and they invest in environmentally-friendly solutions. The is the reason for large popularity of, for instance, solar panels, wood burning stoves or infrared heating panels. Heat pumps are not 100% eco-friendly, because electricity which is needed to run the pump is generated from coal in Poland, so the heat pump itself does not pollute the air, but coal-fired plants do.

Advantages of heat pumps

There are certain benefits of installing a heat pump. In addition to saving costs incurred on electricity, we can also save money due to the fact that we do not have to buy coal, wood or heating oil. We can also save a lot of space, because we do not need to store them. What is more, people may avoid entering gas into their homes and many home owners are prejudiced towards this fuel. And it also allows to avoid installing gas connection, which is quite costly. A big advantage is that heat pumps are maintenance-free and even during the long absence from home, the owner may be sure that the desired temperature will be maintained. Heat pumps do not generate pollution, and therefore it is not necessary to install the chimney in the house.

Drawbacks of heat pumps

There is also a number of disadvantages related to the installation of heat pumps. As was mentioned before, the investments costs are quite high and the return comes after several years. Another drawback is associated with the use of floor heating, which often cooperates with heat pumps. Floor heating has high thermal inertia, and if we want to obtain a desirable temperature faster, we need to additionally turn on an electric heater, which of course generates costs. Setting a temperature that is convenient for the residents of the house may take a long time. For some people it may also be disadvantage that a ground heat exchanger does not allow for developing a part of plot it is on the way the owner would like to, and there can only be a lawn on the area where the heat exchanger is situated.


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